There are currently six regular committees and one ad-hoc committee in the Maine Water Utilities Association.

Committee Chair(s) Mission
Education and Operations John Leach, Eric Gagnon The Education and Operations Committee shall facilitate partnerships, training, mutual aid, and technical assistance for water industry professionals, which will contribute to the enhancement of water utility service.
Legislative and Regulatory Affairs The Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee shall monitor pending legislation and communicate the status of relevant legislation to the association. The committee shall promote the association’s position on legislation in the legislative process. The committee may also develop and recommend legislative goals and strategies to the Board or develop language for new legislation with Board approval.
Program Christopher Curtis, Justin Richardson The Program Committee shall develop timely topics for membership meetings, which are valuable to water utility managers for the overall operation of their systems. The committee shall also assume a major role in organizing and conducting the annual trade show.
Public Awareness Kirsten Ness, Helen Pottle The Public Awareness Committee shall communicate to the general public on issues important to the drinking water profession and assist the membership in enhancing public awareness in their local communities.
Technology Matt Zetterman, T.C. Schofield The mission of the Technology Committee is to assist water professionals to develop and improve their operational efficiency through technology by providing quality training and by serving as a valuable resource for technology related matters.
Water Resources June Mooney  The mission of the Water Resources Committee is to represent and advocate water supply interests relative to source water protection and public health issues associated with drinking water.


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