Erosion & Sediment Control for Water & Wastewater Operators (Belfast)

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Date 09/13/2017

Time 7:30 am - 12:45 pm

Location Fireside Inn & Suites


4.0 DWP Training Contact Hours

4.0 DEP Training Contact Hours – including Site Evaluators and Installers

The demand for erosion and sediment control solutions has increased rapidly since the Clean Water Act was signed into law 40+ years ago.    Both the public and private sectors have been impacted by increased scrutiny of construction jobsite and maintenance operations around water bodies.

Waterborne sediment is a huge threat to drinking water resources and is by far the greatest single pollutant of our seriously threatened clean water supply.

This session will focus on erosion and sediment control and its close relationship with the drinking water industry.  Drinking water operators can plan to exit this session with an increased awareness of the options available to deal with this critical issue.

Susan Breau of Maine Rural Water will give an overview of the current Maine Department of Environmental Protection MS4 regulations as they pertain to Water Utilities.

*Registration fee includes a full breakfast buffet.

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Download 2017 Erosion & Sediment Control Brochure