Excellence in Operations

The Excellence in Operations Award is awarded to any public water system that conveys, distributes, or treats water for consumption by the general public. Three awards may be given, one per category. Categories are determined by population served by the system: less than 3300, equal to or greater than 3300 but less than 10,000, and equal to or greater than 10,000. The award is to recognize outstanding performance of a public water system where a team effort has contributed to excellence in the following areas:

  • – Consistent compliance with public health and environmental standards and regulations
  • – Mindfulness to system maintenance, infrastructure, and equipment
  • – Continuous improvements to the system’s water quality
  • – Special efforts in the training and education of the utility’s employees
  • – Significant efforts to educate the public about drinking water issues and their public water system
  • – Participating in new research to improve the quality of drinking water

Any member of MWUA can nominate a public water system for the award. The nomination must be presented in writing to the Executive Director of the Maine Water Utilities Association by December 15 of the year prior to which the award is to be made. A detailed statement for the basis of the nomination must accompany the nomination.

The Chair of the Selection Review Committee shall first screen all nominations for eligibility. He or she shall then send the nominations and supporting data of all eligible nominees to all members of the Selection Review Committee. After a review of the written nomination, a member of the selection review committee will visit the utility to have an opportunity to interview staff, review programs, and examine the facility for cleanliness and general housekeeping. The selection shall be by elimination, whereby a plurality of the committee members voting shall indicate a successful nominee.

The Selection Review Committee shall be composed of the following individuals:

  • – Current President of MWUA (Chair).
  • – Executive Director of MWUA
  • – Board of Directors of MWUA

Previous recipients of the award are not eligible for 5 years following receipt of the award. The award shall be a plaque or certificate signed by the President of the Maine Water Utilities Association. Presentation of the award shall be made at the annual Conference of the Maine Water Utilities Association by.

The Maine Water Utilities Board of Directors must approve any changes to these rules.