December 21, 2017

Is your water bill getting you down? Plant a tree!

Sophia Scott – Source Water Protection Coordinator, ME CDC Drinking Water Program


While not as straight forward as planting a tree in your backyard, a new study from the U. S. Forest Service and the American Water Works Association (AWWA) highlights the influence of a forested watershed on keeping water treatment costs down. Lower water treatment costs at public water systems often translate to lower water bills for consumers like you.  This research will help to better inform communities and policy makers of the financial impact of green infrastructure in an effort to encourage watershed protection and keep consumer costs low. It adds to a growing body of research linking forested watersheds to high quality drinking water sources. The added savings of a protected drinking water source is not just true for surface waters such as lakes, ponds, and rivers; the EPA found that for groundwater, treating a contaminated supply can be 30-40 times more expensive than preventing contamination in the first place. The take home message here is that a protected drinking water source not only yields high quality drinking water, it also results in costs savings for water systems and their consumers.

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