Great Leadership Isn’t Built Overnight

True leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.  At MWUA, we couldn’t agree more.  In fact, our MWUA Leadership Institute was created to do just that.  We want to help our members and the waterworks reach new heights so they can inspire others to do the same. 

But great leaders aren’t built overnight.  Over the course of several months, the MWUA Leadership Institute will be offering 2 tracks:  Leadership Fundamentals and Next Level Leadership.  Each track focuses on different skills to help you become a well-rounded leader.  Below is a breakdown of each track:

Track One: Leadership Fundamentals


Authentic Leadership
September 28, 2021

A leader should know their authentic self and align their leadership style with their values and personality.  However, often times we become leaders without any development or understanding of what it means to lead with purpose.  You’re left to “figure it out” as you go, which can result in poor leadership, personal insecurities and lack of respect from your peers.

We will kick off the Leadership Institute with our “Authentic Leadership” course discovering what it means to be an authentic leader.  Prior to the program, all participants will utilize a 360 Feedback multi-rater assessment to gain a better understanding of how others see you—versus how you see yourself!  The feedback from this tool will be utilized to discover how your leadership impacts others.  As

 a result, you’ll gain a greater understanding of your personal leadership philosophy and how you can apply it to your management style.  You’ll also learn how to develop relationships and build trust with your team in order to achieve measurable results.


Effective Communication
November 9, 2021

Your communication style highly influences your presence as a leader. This will be a highly interactive course on understanding how to talk with people not to them! We will also explore how others communicate and coach by utilizing effective listening and feedback skills. 


HR 101 – Legal, Compliance & Beyond
December 7, 2021

As a leader, understanding key employment laws and compliance matters that impact employees is critical. HR 101 will cover the full employee life cycle, from hiring onward, teaching essential knowledge to help you be a resourceful and compliant leader. We will also cover Human Resources best practices and inclusion in the workplace as you are building your team!


 HR 102- Employee, Relations & Performance Management
January 11, 2022 

Compliance is one of the foundational building blocks of HR Excellence and HR 102 will take our learning to the next level. We will cover best practices for working with unions and labor relations and employee relations skills. Through interactive activities we will start the process of learning how to navigate employee relations situations. We will also cover in depth best practices for writing and delivering performance appraisal.


Track Two: Next Level Leadership



Teamwork and Conflict Resolution
February 8, 2022

As a leader, building cohesive teams and breaking down silos are critical aspects to team success. You may encounter employees with negative attitudes or difficult interpersonal/communication interactions. During this course we will cover strategies for navigating tough situations with employees, building trust between team members and creating teams that thrive in a positive team environment. We will also cover how to resolve conflicts with co-workers, contractors and customers. Participants will take a self-assessment to uncover their preferred conflict style and learn practical communication techniques towards resolving conflict.


March 15, 2022

Administration is a necessary part of being a leader. This course will delve into financial and accounting management in Water Utilities, including setting rates, creating and managing a budget and more. We’ll also tackle the ins and outs of Public Utility Commission regulations to ensure understanding and compliance.


April 12, 2022

Participants will learn to create SMART goals for their departments and staff that support the organizational and individual goals. We will interactively cover the essentials of change management that leaders need to know to implement change successfully in the workplace.

Participants will also learn how to facilitate meetings and make presentations; how to overcome the fear of public speaking, build confidence, organize a presentation and practical tips and techniques to engage your audience.


Coaching & Mentoring
April 12, 2022

Coaching and mentoring training for managers focuses on the skills needed to create stronger teams by encouraging and enabling employees to grow. The course teaches leaders useful skills in order to develop mutually beneficial relationships with their employees. It can help high-performing employees advance their skills and commitment to the organization – and help average or low-performing employees be more productive. The course provides attendees with practical skills in order to develop and coach their peers through active listening and effective communication techniques.


  • Each course is 6 hours and will provide TCH’s to help you gain the hours you need.  Also, courses will be held virtually on Tuesdays by professional instructors (via Zoom meetings) for your convenience and safety.  The courses will be from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and 1:00pm to 4:00pm with breaks throughout.


In order to take advantage of the full program, we encourage members to enroll in the complete Leadership Institute, which includes both tracks.  However, we are offering multiple enrollment options for your convenience.

  • Complete Leadership Institute (tracks 1 and 2, all classes) – $1,190
  • One track (includes 4 courses) – $650
  • Per course – $200

Spacing is limited to only 20 members per course in order to ensure individualized attention.  Register soon in order to save your seat!  You can register online or via paper form.  For more information, visit our website or contact