MWUA – What are we working on now?

As always, MWUA is hard at work on a number of initiatives to benefit the industry today. From small to large, there is something for everyone and we are excited to show them to you. On the larger side, we are pleased to announce that MWUA has been awarded generous funding from the Maine Drinking Water Program (DWP) to pursue five projects. The DWP’s support is crucial to take these projects from concept to reality, and we can’t say thanks enough for their support! So, what are we working on?

  • A Helping Hand – A survey of the industry’s admin-focused assets, tools, and technologies, from asset management programs to insurance and more. The data will be gathered and placed alongside your reviews in an electronic, mobile-friendly online searchable directory for all to access and use when making purchasing decisions. 
  • The Water Operator’s Toolbox – A series of online calculators that you can access from your desktop or mobile phone to help with various daily tasks in the field or the office – water loss, disinfection, and more. 
  • Trustee Guide & Training – A written guide for trustees and board members followed by a four-part training series. The training will include industry leaders as a means to encourage knowledge sharing and more between utility managers and board members.
  • Media Communications Guide – A robust guidance document with free templates for utilities to use when working with the media whether for normal day-to-day purposes or in emergency situations – different media sources, use cases, and more explained. The purpose is to demystify the media for the industry and allow systems to use the media to their advantage.
  • Leadership Institute – The second iteration of our extremely popular management and leadership training program! More information here:

We are working with folks just like you from all over Maine and would love to have your input. If you’d like to get involved in the process or simply offer your two cents, please reach out to us. We’d love to have you become a part of it and help us help you better! Be on the lookout for these project and more over the next year.

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