MWUA On-Demand Training
America's Water Infrastructure... What? Series Part 1: An Overview of AWIA and What it Means to You
MWUA On-Demand Training
Web Conferencing: The Basic and Options for Public Meetings, Hearings and More
MWUA On-Demand Training
Cyber Security Series Part 1: Remote Security During Crises w/ COVID-19 Considerations
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Current On-Demand Classes

Please click the links below to view the brochure for each class. You will find the description, instructor’s details, price, and more in each brochure.

When you find a class that you would like to access, click the button above or below to be taken to the MWUA store. Once there, be sure to sign in for member pricing. Next, select the class and make sure you choose the on-demand format option.

Upon confirmation of payment, you will receive a separate email from our staff with instructions on how to access your course. Please understand this may take a few hours or a day if you purchase the item after hours or on the weekend.

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How Does It Work?

These On-Demand Training classes were held previously as online “live” training through Zoom. Using the recordings, we edited the programs to better suit a self-paced and on-demand format. You can pause and resume the classes at your leisure, as well as view or download a Q&A document associated with each video.

Be sure to complete the quiz (form) below the video to receive credit for your attendance. After we review your quiz answers, we will send your certificate of attendance to you by email.
Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or would like guidance on this process.

What’s The Cost?

MWUA’s training is the best bang for your buck and we always have affordability in mind when releasing new classes. With that in mind, the cost for on-demand training is the same as the live training classes. Although there are several additional costs for on-demand training, such as web design, video hosting, and video editing/development, we know that keeping classes affordable helps our membership. Therefore, you can expect – whether taking in person, online live, or on-demand classes – our prices to be fair and equal across the board!

Contact: for more information.