Reducing Leaks and Eliminating Distribution Main Repairs – A Yorkshire Case Study

In 2019, the United Kingdom’s water services regulation authority issued a challenge to the utilities serving water to embrace new and innovative ways to both serve their customers and the environment. Yorkshire Water Services took on this challenge in 2020 by implementing a “smart water” pilot at their Sheffield location.

The utility installed 6,000 sensors including smart meters and flow, acoustic, and transient detection equipment and began collecting data. Next, they needed to manage that data and turn it into actionable information. They utilized an integrated vendor agnostic software and an analytical platform to manage the data collected in a usable way.

Thus far, Yorkshire Water Service has reduced visible leaks by 57%, reduced leaks in high priority district metered areas by 32%, and reduced the need for distribution main repairs by 30% annually. You can read more on this case study by clicking here.

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