Tap to Toilet: Water Access, Safety & Usage – Register Today!

June 6, 2024 / Comments (0)


By: Maine Public Health Association

WHATWater quality, access, use, and scarcity are all significant public health challenges that people face around the world. This day-long symposium will feature guest presenters to talk about some of the water challenges in Maine, including safety/quality (environmental contamination, waste); access (ownership), usage (farming, recycling), and scarcity (drought, climate change).

WHENThursday, June 20th, 10am-4pm



Overview on water infrastructure and ownership in Maine

  • Nicki Pellenz, Executive Director, Maine Water Utilities Association
  • David Parent, Superintendent, Sanford Water District

Water access in tribal communities

  • Lisa Sockabasin, MS, RN, Co-CEO, Wabanaki Public Health & Wellness

Panel: Identifying and implementing strategies to improve water quality and safety

  • Hugh Kirkpatrick, General Manager, Caribou Utilities District
  • Craig Douglas, P.E., General Manager, Brunswick & Topsham Water District
  • Paul Thomas Hunt, Environmental Services Manager, Portland Water District

Panel: Resources and challenges for water testing infrastructure

  • Patrick McKeown, PE, Business Development Manager, ECT2
  • Sergio Cahueque, Organizer, Defend Our Health
  • Rebecca Lincoln, Sc.D., Environmental Epidemiologist / Program Coordinator, Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention