What’s Your Water Worth?

In March 2021, Nestle finalized the sale of several North American bottled water brands, including Poland Spring Brand Natural Spring Water from Maine. Two private equity firms, One Rock Partners LLC of New York and Metropoulos & Co. of Connecticut, partnered to make the acquisition for $4.3 billion. Together, they are committed to accelerate the growth of Nestle North America’s iconic brands.

The Poland Spring Brand currently acquires their water for bottling from ten different water sources in Maine. Some of this water is purchased from water utilities and towns mostly in the western part of the state. In return, these water utilities and towns also receive additional revenue for project funding and grants. How the water utilities and communities may be impacted by the sale is still unknown.

The purchase of Poland Spring has left many people wondering what effect this will have on Maine’s communities, water utilities, and its precious resources. Additionally, the state’s water-rights activists are concerned that the private equity companies will not be attentive to Maine’s local community interests. However, “The effect the sale may have on existing contracts should be determined by the parties involved in the sale by reviewing contract language,” according to Susan Faloon, Maine Public Utilities Commission (PUC) Media Liaison. Ultimately, only time will tell how the sale of Poland Spring – Maine bottled water will affect the state, its people, and the water industry her in the state.

More information may be posted on Poland Spring’s website: https://www.polandspring.com/

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