Jeffrey L. McNelly Award

Jeffrey L. McNelly retired from MWUA as its Executive Director in 2016. During his professional career he worked as a regulator both for DEP and Maine Public Utilities Commission. He was also water quality employee for a public water supplier and currently serves on his local utility’s board of trustees. Jeff’s career and experience within the drinking water profession is an amazing example of his dedication to our profession. At the 2019 MWUA annual conference the Board of Directors decided to honor Mr. McNelly by instituting an annual award in his honor.

The Jeffrey L. McNelly Award will be awarded annually to a regulator, water-wastewater employee, or governance board member who exemplifies a dedication to our profession.  

Nominations can be made by any member or employee of the Maine Water Utilities Association, or any trustee or governing board of a Maine water utility. Nominations must be presented in writing to the Executive Director of the Maine Water Utilities Association prior to December 15 of the year in which the award is to be made. Nominations shall be accompanied by a statement setting forth the reasons for the nomination.

The Chair of the Selection Review Committee shall first screen all nominations for eligibility. He or she shall then send the nominations and supporting data of all eligible nominees to all members of the Selection Review Committee prior to December 15. The selection shall be by elimination whereby a plurality of the Committee members voting shall indicate a successful nominee.

The Selection Review Committee shall be composed of the following individuals:

  • – Current President of MWUA (Chair).
  • – Executive Director of MWUA.
  • – Board of Directors of MWUA.

The award shall be a plaque or certificate signed by the President of the Maine Water Utilities Association. Presentation of the award shall be made at the annual Conference of the Maine Water Utilities Association by.

The Maine Water Utilities Board of Directors must approve any changes to these rules.