Introducing MaineHousing’s Maine Water Assistance Program

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August 23, 2022,

MaineHousing is pleased to announce the Maine Water Assistance Program. This program is being funded with federal American Rescue Plan Act appropriations and is being made available to water and wastewater utilities in Maine for their customers who may have fallen behind on their bills during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For eligible customers the program will clear past due balances and/or establish a one-time benefit that can be applied to a current and/or future water or wastewater bill. In both cases the payment will be made directly to the utility provider on behalf of an eligible customer.

This program is tentatively scheduled to begin in mid-September of 2022 and will run until the funds, approximately $4.7 million, are expired.  This is a one-time program that is currently not expected to be reauthorized by Congress.

To be eligible to receive payments from the program the authorized agents for water and wastewater utilities will be required to sign an agreement with MaineHousing that will allow for direct deposit to the utility on behalf of the eligible consumer.  The vendor agreement and other required forms will be emailed to you by the end of August.

The consumer will also be required to apply for the program, providing proof of income eligibility, a copy of a current water and/or wastewater bill, as well as other household information.

Fee reduction payments for all eligible households will be based on household demographics.  A benefit matrix point system will be used to identify households with the greatest need.  Payments will be based on total points, and based on eligibility will be either $200, $350, or $500.

If payment to the utility is more than customer owes, the balance should be credited to the ratepayer’s account to be used for future charges.

You can learn more about the program details and sign up for automated updates on the program by visiting MaineHousing’s Water Assistance Program page here: Maine Water Assistance Program (

If you are receiving this message you have been identified as the manager and/or the key decision maker for a water and/or wastewater utility in Maine. If you are not the appropriate person to be receiving this communications, we respectfully ask that you forward this message to the appropriate decision maker within your organization to ensure any of your eligible customers do not miss out on this opportunity.

Thank you,

The MaineHousing Water Assistance Program Team

For more information:

Telephone: 888-623-6762 and/or email

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