Product Demos for this year’s conference

January 26, 2024 / Comments (0)


We are pleased to announce the Product Demos for this year’s conference.

  • Hydro Excavation by CN Wood
  • Repairing Asphalt-Concrete roads in cold wet weather by Aquaphalt
  • Intro to VTSCADA by VTSCADA
  • Introduction to the OverWatch Direct In-Line Pumping System by Industrial Flow Solutions and Russell Resources
  • The Next Generation Chlorine Analyzer by Halogen Systems and Tensile Water
  • Mission Communication – A Simplified SCADA by Champlin Associates
  • Equilibrium Based Orthophosphate and Polyphosphate by AquaSmate
  • Hydro Excavation by Badger Infrastructure Solutions

Don’t forget to join us during our Social Event on Wednesday evening from 6:30-9:30pm to celebrate Bill Dawson’s retirement and to meet our new Executive Director, Nicki Pellenz!