MWUA Awards

The Maine Water Utilities Association is pleased to recognize annually those members whose contributions enhance the association’s mission and positively impact our profession throughout the State. Nominations are welcome at anytime throughout the year and must be received in our office no later than December 15th of the year in which the award is to be made. To submit a nomination for one of these prestigious mwua awards, please review the descriptions of awards attached and submit the appropriate application form by the deadline date to Maine Water Utilities Association, 15 University Dr., Augusta, ME 04330 or email to [email protected]

Description of Awards

Past Award Recipients

Application Forms For Awards

Application forms are found on the back of the award description; use additional page(s) as necessary. Please be sure to attach any supporting documents and return by the due date to:

Maine Water Utilities Association
Attention: Executive Director
15 University Dr
Augusta ME 04330
or email to [email protected]

Maine Water Utilities Association (MWUA) is a non-profit membership organization, which was organized in 1925. The purpose of the association is to represent and support the mutual interests of the membership and to enhance public health, safety and welfare by advocating safe drinking water through the advancement of knowledge of the water works profession, the development and promotion of education, legislation, standards and policies and through an exchange of information and experience. For further information, please contact MWUA by phone at 207-623-9511 or email [email protected].